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    Looking to download 2011 album online ? Released: Apr 5, 2011 , The Smithereens launched Rock album 2011.

    Album has 13 Songs, 46 Minutes available to download or listen

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=6148#sangroupeducation112618

    Album songs list:
    Sorry 3:36

    One Look At You 3:43

    A World of Our Own 4:41

    Keep On Running 3:44

    Rings On Her Fingers 2:59

    As Long As You Are Near Me 3:14

    Bring Back the One I Love 3:39

    Nobody Lives Forever 2:25

    Goodnight Goodbye 4:38

    All the Same 3:22

    Viennese Hangover 3:14

    Turn It Around 3:58

    What Went Wrong 3:33


    With Don Dixon, who produced the band’s Especially For You and Green Thoughts albums, behind the board, and Mitch Easter of Let’s Active engineering, New Jersey’s Smithereens are back doing what they do best: clear, concise pop songs with a snarling rock edge and a love for the ‘60s shining through. The band throughout the 2000s had been preoccupied with novelty projects, covers of Beatles songs and an abbreviated take on the Who’s Tommy. Here, Pat DiNizio and the group write and perform a set of originals that will remind fans of everything that made the Smithereens a notable group back in the ‘80s. “A World of Our Own” streaks down the street with a tough groove and guitars that build an impressive wall of sound. “As Long As You Are Near Me” is a tender ballad fueled with more battering electric guitars. “Bring Back the One I Love” features their trademark harmonies. But most of all, the album features singer Pat DiNizio, whose thick, carefully modulating voice turns every song into an event.
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